Thomas Holley

Tom Holley is the University of Houston Director of the Petroleum Engineering since April 2010. Tom joined UH after a successful 28 year career in research, teaching, recruiting, and leadership at Shell Oil Company. He earned his PhD in Physics from the University of Wisconsin in 1982.

Tom’s initial focus in the Petroleum Engineering Program is on solidifying the undergraduate program, hiring full-time faculty to lead a sustainable research program, growing the existing Masters program, initiating the Ph.D. program, and finally establish a Department of Petroleum Engineering. The undergraduate program is now in its sixth year, having exploded from 20 students in Fall 2009 to 963 in Fall 2015. The program achieved its initial ABET accreditation on the first try in Aug 2015. In addition, the long-time successful Masters of Petroleum Engineering program continues to grow to 118 students while simultaneous raising admission standards. A fledgling Ph.D. program has admitted it first 8 students after approval in April 2015. These tasks are all components of the six year plan to form the new Petroleum Engineering Department.

Tom’s personal research interests in the past have been in the areas of seismic survey design, seismic imaging and other processing in anisotropic media, and seismic interpretation. In the context of petroleum engineering, methods used in the seismic field are critical to providing appropriate input into the fractured reservoir model used to simulate a shale reservoir.

Mr. Holley is one of the moderators of the SGC Houston Conference.

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