The Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP)

The longest section of the SGC is the TANAP, planned to run across Turkey over 1850 km from Georgia to Greece, transporting the gas flow from the SCP up to the TAP, the final step.

The project was conceived in 2011 and the negotiation process was finalised in June 2012 with the signature of the intergovernmental agreement between Turkey and Azerbaijan. TANAP current shareholding is comprised of SOCAR with 58% of the shares and operating rights, Turkey’s state pipeline company BOTAŞ with 30% and BP with 12%. The pipeline cost is around 10 $bn and the work started in April 2015, while the first delivery is expected in 2018, with a planned capacity of 6 bcm, amounting to 16 bcm one year later. Once Shah Deniz development will be completed, the TANAP will take 16 bcm from the SCP dropping 6 bcm in the Turkish territory and carrying 10 bcm in the EU toward the TAP. The capacity is planned to be upgraded up to 32 bcm in case of new supplier countries.

More information at tanap.com